Some of my personal sketches I put together for my recent Offf mexico city talk

I directed and designed this sponsorship film for the Young Director Award at Cannes this year. Check out the Mill link to see the talented bunch who helped put it together.

I think I am going to do live action next. This was bad on the nerves.

Here are some test frames from a title sequence we have been working on with RSA pictures for a commissioned TV show about the D&AD Advertising awards. I’ll post the animation soon.


The latest Winterdoom demo. A little more cheerful than the others, I think that may be defeating the point of the Wint

Another Winterdoom song. This is the Sulking Curse.

For Xmas/NY I went snowboarding with a bunch of talented Frenchies.

Mcbess gave me some homework for the Attrape reve fanzine. 

It was fun, here is a teaser of some of the work in progress sketches. 

Standby for the real deal.

These are all part of an ongoing series of statements I have either made up or bastardised.

Here are two other examples, the first (Sun) is just a test.

The second one (sweet) is actually a tattoo I am designing for my right arm.

The third WINTERDOOM song. 

I had fun working some low vocals on this. 

Here is the second WINTERDOOM song I wrote.

Here are some illustrations I did for a short film with Mcbess and Simonlandrein that I directed at the Mill.

I also wrote the music which you can hear here

Click the below image to watch.

It really was rather fun to work on.

Here is an article that explains how we went about making this frankenbeast.

Here are some work in progress stills that I did too.

Here is a short sponsorship film I directed for the British television craft awards.

Click here to watch it.

Here are some of the illustrations I did for the piece. 

Incidentally, I also composed and played the music - what fun!.

This winter I have been writing some songs for a project I am calling WINTERDOOM.

Here is the first one I wrote. It is called Voodoo Bones. 

Canvas  by  andbamnan